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Heather is an experienced and compassionate therapist, using the latest brain science and healing techniques to restore well-being help you feel better.

From a young age I was a spiritual seeker, I became vegetarian at 14, campaigned for animal rights and green issues. As a teenager I was fascinated by astrology and taught myself how to draw up and interpret a birth chart. From here I explored many area's in the natural health including energy healing, vibrational therapies, yoga, meditation, and immersed myself personal development courses.

After travelling Europe I trained as a nurse in the UK and worked in Oncology and Haematology (Cancer nursing). For my own healing and well-being I practised Buddhist meditation and yoga, I trained in energy healing and did personal therapy sessions.

After 17 years in Oncology nursing in 2002, I decided it was time for a change so I trained as a yoga teacher, hypnotherapist and mindfulness therapist. Now the two worlds really do come together with new brain research into mindfulness-based therapies and neuroplasticity. I am grateful to the scientists that have led the way in this field so we can use these ancient healing practices in a modern therapeutic way.

Heather offers telehealth video sessions with a 10% discount and in person sessions in Brookvale once a month.


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