Reiki Training







So you want to train in Reiki?

Level one: Reiki basic healing can help you to tune into your body’s own healing mechanisms. Learn to channel healing energy for yourself and others. Reiki training can help you enhance your creative flow of energy  heal yourself, balance your energy chakra’s and enhance your intuition.

Level Two: Reiki Professional gives you advanced Reiki healing techniques to practice as a professional healer as it will increase your knowledge and skills.

Advanced Reiki Skills workshop: gives you additional techniques for healing.

Level Three: Reiki Teacher gives you all you need to know about teaching and passing on the craft.


Reiki 1 training course outline:

  • Reiki story and history
  • Reiki precepts
  • What is Reiki healing?
  • Gross and subtle anatomy
  • Channeling the energy
  • Vibrational therapies
  • Common effects from healing
  • Side effects and precautions
  • Self healing
  • Practising on others

What can I expect after a Reiki Attunement?

The ability to switch the flow of energy on and off

Exercises to enhance the flow of Reiki

Self healing hand positions

Healing family and friends

Treating children, animals and plants


Keeping up the practice:

Daily practice of Hatsu Rei Ho

Joining a Reiki share group

Self care



Reiki Level 2 - Professional Reiki Healer

Learn to become a professional Reiki Healer with level 2 you receive:

  • The Reiki pillars
  • Three Reiki symbols and mantra's
  • Activating and using the symbols
  • Distance healing training
  • Advanced Reiki healing techniques
  • Advanced assessment tools
  • Designing a healing treatment session
  • Standards of professional practice
  • How to set up your practice


Workshops and Courses: 


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