Relationship Therapy

Mindfulness in Relationships Therapy


Mindful relationship therapy is different to other couples counselling. In mindful relationships we appreciate each other’s differences, and do not try to change the other but work with these differences. We discover new skills of non-violent communication and resolve conflicts through deep listening, understanding and acceptance .

Mindfulness helps us to understand our own thoughts and feelings by teaching us to slow down and pay attention.  As we become more familiar with our habitual thoughts and feelings, this enables us to recognise our many critical inner voices and subconscious beliefs that rule our lives. Once we begin to recognise these influences we can prevent them from affecting us so much and start to choose our responses. We can also start to appreciate the actions of other's more clearly.

In relationships we are challenged to step out of our personal limitations and grow. When wounding stems from relationships with others, repair needs to come through healing our relationships with others… 

Perhaps you feel unhappy or frustrated and stuck with certain aspects of your relationship but can’t seem to alter things no matter how hard you try to communicate. Despite our longing for deeper connection in our relationships, many people find themselves stuck in familiar patterns and lost as to how to overcome these difficulties. Relationships test us in many ways, we can be triggered and in a moment of distress say something that you later deeply regret.

Appointments are either in person or online Book here


Appointments are either in person or online Book here

Common problems that I see in relationships are; arguments and communications difficulties,  prolonged stress, work  interference, quality time together/apart, infidelity/affairs, different sexual needs or desires, money and difference in spending, division of tasks/responsibilities, previous trauma, addictions/compulsions/habits, power/control issues, blended family issues, extended family issues, and growing apart.

Problems with relationships can stem from family patterns, or challenges you may have experienced in your childhood as well as current issues.

Whether you are single or in a couple, come with your partner or alone - are gay, lesbian, bisexual, heterosexual or transgender - relationship therapy can be helpful in this situation for both individuals and/or couples. This can happen not only in our romantic relationships, but also in other relationships that are important to us, such as with friends, parents, children, co-workers, and neighbours.

Heather has trained in Hakomi Embodied and Aware Relationships Training (H.E.A.R.T) with Dr Halko Weiss and Dr Karen Baikie.

Conscious Relationships

Sustaining a conscious relationship requires that both participants choose to be there. I believe there is no shame in choosing to end a relationship when you find that you are both growing in different directions. A conscious relationship is journey not a destination.

Heather can assist you to navigate these challenges and offer an opportunity to find a way out of the loop. Heather can help couples or individuals focus on and study how he or she experiences these inner and outer conflicts. By focusing on the present moment feelings, sensations, thoughts and belief patterns in mindfulness, we can explore the deeper layers contained in each experience. Through acceptance of ourselves we can be more accepting of others. Book here