Western medicine looks at the physical symptoms of illness and disease where as shamanism looks at the whole body, mind and spirit to understand what has caused the clients suffering. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice involving knowledge gained through direct revelation and trance experiences with guides and helpers.

Shamanic healing is found in most indigenous cultures world wide. Core shamanic healing teaches the essence of Shamanic practices rather than borrow any rites, rituals, ceremonies, or cosmologies of any specific tribes. Shamanic practitioners work directly with spirit, travel to other non-ordinary realms or worlds in Shamanic trance or theta brainwave consciousness to gain information or for healing work.

What to expect in Shamanic Healing 

The practitioner will spend some time gathering information from you about your experience. This will help the guide the practitioner to the appropriate healing ceremony. The practitioner often uses drumming, sound or movement as a way to enter into shamanic trance consciousness to journey for information gathering or ceremonial healing. The client doesn’t journey and isn’t required to do anything except receive healing. Practitioners will work with the client fully clothed often lying on a massage table.

Shamanic healing ceremonies


Power Animal Retrieval

Power animals are transcendent guardian spirits that provide protection, assistance, wisdom, direction and companionship. A Retrieval ceremony is a shamanic process of empowerment, inviting an animal spirit to be with us. The Shamanic practitioner will enter into a trance state, journey to meet your power animal spirit and bring it back for you. Once you have received your power animal, try connecting to the power animal, spend time with it, ask the power animal to appear in a dream or through visualisation and shamanic journey methods. The power animal usually reflects the attributes of what the client is missing or has lost, and this will restore the clients power. Often,  power animals show up for a short time periods perhaps with specific teachings,  while others stick around for our entire life. Book a session


Soul Retrieval

If you have ever experienced shock, trauma, an accident, illness or surgery then you could have partial soul loss. Often in such events part of the spirit or soul will leave the body or dissociate to protect the human body from either physical, or emotional overwhelm.  We often describe this as feeling vague, spacey, beside ourselves, floating, or not fully present. This helps initially in dealing with the trauma but to complete the healing we have to bring back the lost fragment.

Often the soul part will return on its own, but if it doesn’t know how to, or feels unsafe – the shaman may need to assist the return of that missing piece. We may have several missing soul pieces depending on our life experiences.

Sometimes we can inadvertently hand over power or part of our soul through wanting to remain connected to a loved one, trying to protect someone, or attempting to merge with another. Also someone else may want us to stay connected to them so this would be a non- voluntary connection on our part. In such cases cord removal and empowerment ceremony can help.

The Shamanic practitioner will journey to find the missing soul and bring it back, blowing it into the client and sealing it in.

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Shamanic Aura Cleansing & Extraction

We are all affected by the energy around us and sensitive people can pick up emotional states from others which affect our health. Shamans believe that your emotion takes the form of energy and can be stored throughout the body and eventually lead to illness. This is described as miss-placed energy that doesn’t belong or intrusion energy that is best cleared.

Other types of intrusions could be the energy left behind from an injury, surgery or transplants. Intrusions can be self created from suppressed emotions or negative states of mind. Or picked up from other people or the environment, directed at you by other people either intentionally or otherwise from negative thoughts, emotions or words.

The shamanic practitioner will enter into Shamanic consciousness, scan the body and energy field, find and energy that needs to be removed, gather it, neutralise it and remove it.

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Home or space clearing

Space clearing can be used for releasing low vibration energy, negativity and spirits that are stuck in this world. The Shamanic practitioner will locate and clear energy that doesn’t belong, has become stuck and find any spirits attached to a space and help them transition over.

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Home visits

Home visits for clearing and healing are available. Travel time will be $60 per hour pro rata.


Heather's Training 

Heather has trained in Core Shamanism, Power Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval Shamanic Extraction Healing Shamanism: Dying and Beyond with Michael Harner's teachers at The Foundation of Shamanic Studies. Heather also has a certificate in Shamanic Studies. Heather was a cancer nurse specialist for 17 years and has clinical training and experience in caring for the dying.


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